Challenging and educational jigsaw puzzle's for all the family

The original ultimate challenge, even in today's technological age, jigsaw puzzles remain as popular as ever. Not only is a puzzle a relaxing activity, whether it is a family one at Christmas or a personal challenge, but it also provides a real sense of achievement on completion.

For kids and adults alike, once you get hooked on a jigsaw puzzle, you will always want to do more. Working together, taking turns, adding single pieces sometimes over time, all adds to the joy of completing a puzzle.

Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles exercise our minds and help to challenge our way of thinking like many other puzzles and games do too. They are a great way to keep our minds alert and active.

Puzzles provide problem-solving skills for younger children. They are intriguing and fun to put together and they help to develop hand and eye coordination skills, by learning what fits and what doesn't.

Puzzles also help with developing motor skills and teach children about shapes and colours. Finding the pieces requires patience but it is always very satisfying to completely solve the puzzle. Puzzles can be educational as you can learn about the various subjects once they are finished.

Types of puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles come in all shapes and sizes. For really young children there are wooden peg puzzles, which are easier to pick up, and can be fun to chew on. Floor puzzles with less than 50 large pieces of cardboard are for pre-school children. The larger pieces showing recognisable characters are easy to move around and cut into simple shapes.

From then on the pieces start to get much smaller and more numerous resulting in 500+ pieces more, suitable for those aged 12 and above due to the complexity of the puzzle.

From well-known characters through to more complex historical pictures; from 3D jigsaw puzzles to well-known artwork and from animals to a panoramic city or landscape scenes, there is a jigsaw puzzle to delight and enthral you from the very youngest to the oldest in your family.