How Do I Start Collecting Jimi Hendrix LP Vinyl Records?

Jimi Hendrix, of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, is known for his guitar skills and psychedelic rock. His fame and influence mean he's a classic staple in any music collection. As a vintage LP collector, you'll need to know a few basics about the guitarist and his discography.

What are the Essential Jimi Hendrix LP Vinyl Records?

There are two main bands that featured Jimi; the Jimi Hendrix Experience and his solo career as Jimi Hendrix. Both mixed psychedelic rock and roll with blues and folk.

  • There are three studio and three live albums that were released on vinyl.
  • "Are You Experienced?" was released in 1967. There are two versions: the UK version, and the US release.
    • The UK release features the tracks
      • Foxy Lady
      • Third Stone from the Sun
      • Are You Experienced?
    • The US release has more well-known tracks
      • Purple Haze
      • Hey Joe
      • The Wind Cries Mary
      • Are You Experienced?
    • Other studio albums are "Electric Ladyland and Axis: Bold as Love".
    • Live Albums include "Band of Gypsys", the Woodstock album, and "Historic Performances Recorded at Monterey International Pop Festival".

What Hendrix Albums Should I Start With?

Jimi Hendrix was a self-taught guitarist. He's famous for his psychedelic rock that was influenced by funk, blues, and folk music. He was a part of the Jimi Hendrix Experience band with Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell.

  • Jimi Hendrix and the Jimi Hendrix Experience released all of their original albums on vinyl between the years of 1968 and 1970.
  • Hendrix also released several singles under the Track label, as well as the Reprise label.
    • The only single released under a different label was "Hey Joe" "Stone Free" with Polydor.
  • Hendrix's "Electric Ladyland" was the third album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and the only one produced by Jimi himself.
    • It was also a double LP. True vintage vinyl LPs will include both records.
  • When looking for Are You Experienced? specify if it is the UK or the US release.
  • The Woodstock live album and "Band of Gypsys" are considered essential Hendrix discography.

How Do I Pick Out Quality Vinyl LPs?

When you're shopping for antique Vinyl LPs, there are a few things to look out for.

  • Always choose original pressings of older albums over reissues. Reissues are created from the latest CD tracklist that's been released. Only original pressings will have all of the original songs and tracklists.
  • Keep in mind, you're buying the whole album, not just a song. If you're really into "All Along the Watchtower," but don't care for the rest of "Electric Ladyland", buying the LP might not be for you.
  • There are two sizes of vinyl LP.
    • 7-inch discs are smaller than a full-length album. They were originally cheaper and made for singles.
    • 12-inch vinyl run about 22 minutes, which is why most full albums are released as double LPs.
  • When buying LP records online, you'll run into a grading system. This determines the quality of the record.
    • For the best vintage records, go for a grade of VG+. This means the vinyl looks and plays well.
  • When you store your vinyl, store them upright in cool, dry places. Stacking them on top of one another will cause warping.