Brighten your world with Jo-Jo bow hair accessories

If you’ve seen Jo-Jo Siwa, you know she has plenty of flair in the way she dresses. Now you can enjoy a similar look with eBay’s huge range of Jo-Jo girl’s hair accessories. The bright bows that characterise her look can be purchased in so many different colours and styles that you’ll have trouble choosing just one!

Who is Jo-Jo Siwa?

Jo-Jo Siwa is an American dancer, singer, actress and YouTube personality. She first shot to fame on the TV show, Dance Moms, and later began releasing her own music. In addition to singing, Jo-Jo has made a career for herself as a well-known YouTuber and even signed with Nickelodeon for a range of TV shows and movies.

One of the things Jo-Jo is very well known for though, is her unique style. Most frequently she appears with her hair pulled back tight into a ponytail, but wears bright, colourful bows as a focal point. Combined with equally bright and colourful clothing, Jo-Jo’s look is fun and unique.

Bright, bold colours

The thing that stands out most about Jo-Jo’s bow hair accessories is the vibrant colours. There’s definitely nothing plain about these bows! You can find plenty of bows that are just one solid colour, but the colours are always bold, bright and beautiful. Naturally, if someone with Jo-Jo’s style releases hair accessories for girls, they’re going to be fun and eye-catching.

Suitable for all ages

These hair accessories may be marketed towards girls, since Jo-Jo’s audience is generally younger. However, there’s no age limit on stepping out with fun, colourful hair accessories. You can buy these accessories as bows that go around your hair, or simple, easy-to-use clips, which may be suitable for the younger ones.

Don’t put an age limit on funky fashion, because these girl’s bows are made for everyone. If you love colour and enhancing your look with bright hair accessories, look no further than the range of Jo-Jo hair accessories!

The funkiest designs

We’ve mentioned that there are some incredible colours to be found in the Jo-Jo collection, but there’s so much more than just colour. Some of the designs are incredible, including:

  • Christmas themed candy stripes
  • Unicorns
  • Flowers
  • Cupcakes
  • Rainbows
  • Pencils
  • Christmas trees
  • Plus so much more

Some of these funky designs include images, others are just swirls of colour and zany patterns. So, whether you’re looking for special occasion bows or you just like to mix up your look every day, there’s so much variety for you to enjoy.

Buy single or in sets

Best of all, you can find Jo-Jo girl’s accessories as single items or packs. Some of the larger, more intricate designs such as those mentioned above usually come as a single item, since they’re a lot more detailed and there’s a lot more crazy colour going on. However, if you just want a range of unique patterns and colours to mix and match through the week, you can buy multiple different clips in a pack. Why limit yourself to one bow when you can have several!