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Jockey has been passionate about underwear for well over 140 years. You don’t create that much success without fully understanding how to design and create great underwear. The company was founded in 1876 when Samuel T. Cooper brought his creations to the world. Now, you will find Jockey products in almost 150 countries worldwide. 

From humble beginnings to a global company, as far as the brand name Jockey goes, it stands for workmanship and excellence. The brand pays attention to detail to ensure the perfect fit, comfort, and unique designs. Jockey has been one of the leading brands in the industry, producing underwear that speaks to the human spirit of adventure. Their legacy is based on authenticity, creativity, and vitality. There’s a reason they are considered a world-class brand. 

Jockey Women’s Panties

Hi-cuts and bikini briefs, boy-shorts, thongs, and g-strings. It doesn’t matter what cut you prefer, Jockey makes it. If the option for a variety of cuts isn’t enough to tempt you, you will also find a wide range of materials to shop. Do you prefer nylon panties? Or, are you all silk all the time? You can also shop cotton, viscose, bamboo, synthetic, microfibre, lycra, 100% cotton, and lace. From seamless French-cut panties to slip shorts, there is a panty for every need and style. 

Do you prefer a full brief? A hi-cut panty? Or, perhaps you’re all about hipsters. The panties you wear are an extension of your personality and style. Are you about comfort and function? Or, do you prefer something a little different? 

Jockey Camisoles for Women

Bras are tight, they’re constricting, and not everyone needs to wear one. Plenty of women don’t need to wear bras and if you’re lucky enough to be one of them, consider opting for a Jockey camisole instead. Many camisoles offer built-in support for women who needs a bit of extra support. They’re ideal for adding an extra layer during colder weather. Or, if you are wearing a sheer top and need a bit of extra coverage beneath. A camisole is a great option for sleepwear, too. 

Of course, camisoles aren’t just for women who prefer to go braless. As noted above, they offer extra coverage, warmth or, you can wear this sleeveless top out and about on its own. It’s a great way to beat the heat. 

In addition to the traditional camisoles on offer, you will also find a wide range of more unique offerings from Jockey. A long camisole is perfect for wearing beneath a stylish dress, but it’s also possible to opt for a short-sleeve thermal. 

Jockey Women’s Tops and Blouses

Crop top, t-shirt, polo necks, short and long-sleeved thermals, athletic tops, and ¾ sleeves. There is a wide range of Jockey women’s tops and blouses to choose from, whether you want something to wear to the gym, relax at home or take to the beach. Jockey covers all your bases. A crop top is a perfect choice to carry you through even the most rigorous, vigorous, exercise routine. A racerback vest offers the same support, but a bit more coverage. A printed t-shirt is a great option for sleepwear, as well as wearing out and about. Don’t forget to check out the polo neck range, you never know when you need a warm under layer for an extra bit of warmth. 

Jockey Sleepwear for Women

What do you prefer to wear as you dip into your evening slumber? Are you a luxury chemise kind of person? Perhaps you prefer a light cotton short and a crop top? Maybe you’re partial to lounge pants you can wear to bed and wear while relaxing around the house? Jockey has you covered, offering a wide range of sleepwear for women. You will also find a wide selection of bathrobes and nightgowns if you view sleepwear more traditionally. Stay warm in the winter months with plaid pyjama bottoms and keep cool during the warm weather with shorts and tanks. 

Jockey Shapewear for Women 

Shapewear has become a major part of the national conversation. Shapewear hides lumps and bumps to provide your outfit with a smooth finish. With shapewear comes confidence and with confidence comes the opportunity to be your authentic self. Shapewear helps you cinch your waist, flatten your stomach, and create an hourglass figure to die for. While they were stuck with corsets in the Victorian era, we’re lucky enough to have comfortable Jockey shapewear for women today. 

There are all types of shapewear options for you to choose from. If you want to firm your upper back and bust, then a minimizer bra is a perfect choice. If you want to shape your waist, buttocks, and hips, then you can do this with an extended brief. Whereas, a slip shaper looks much like shorts and provides your thighs with shape. It also extends beyond your stomach and sits just below your bra. A simple shaping top covers the stomach, waist, buttocks, and thighs. It typically also includes a bra to offer support. 

That isn’t all! A waist clincher covers only the waist and stomach. This is a perfect choice is you have a saggy stomach or want to cinch your waist. A thigh slimmer is a great choice if you want to wear skinny fit trousers, but it also extends to help shape your buttocks and abdomen as well. A bodysuit provides you with full-body shaping. It’s also possible to find a bodysuit with a full sleeve to offer total shape. 

Jockey Underwear for Men

Jockey underwear isn’t just for women. They also offer a wide range of products for men, too, whether you’re a brief, boxer or boxer brief man. There’s nothing worse than underwear that rides up or leaves you adjusting and readjusting constantly throughout the day. Jockey underwear is underwear you can rely on. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, it fits well, and with plenty of styles and colours to choose from, you will be well looked after. Additionally, you will find a wide range of other men’s underwear products, including vests and undershirts. 

If you need panties, shapewear, boxer briefs, undershirts, camisoles or tops, then consider shopping Jockey products. To make life easier for you, you will find a wide range of Jockey products to shop on eBay. With plenty to choose from at affordable prices, now is the right time to stock up your wardrobe.