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John Deere Collectable Advertising

John Deere is an iconic agricultural brand that has a long history in producing agricultural, forestry and construction equipment along with diesel engines, lawn mowers and drivetrains. While the company was established in 1837, John Deere has been a staple of the Australian agriculture industry for more than 65 years and the iconic brand logo is recognised by nearly everyone. Collectable advertising featuring John Deere has been produced over the years, and is now a popular collector's item. Shop a wide range of collectables including tins, patches, clocks, signs and more and own a piece of history.

Collectable Advertising

Collectable advertising is a popular hobby for many people, with collectable auto advertising being perhaps one of the most popular categories. Australia is well known for producing some of the best food products in the world, and has a strong agricultural industry. This makes collectable agriculture advertising very popular amongst farmers and hobbyists alike. Collectables are popular because they are a reminder of the past. These iconic advertisements are what made them the companies they are today, and the fact that these collectible advertisements still exist and remain popular is testament to their high quality design and enduring interest.

Forms of Advertising

Advertising for John Deere took place in many forms. Many agricultural shows were held around Australia in the mid 1900’s, and John Deere produced a range of collectables for these events. Coffee mugs and vases are quite common, but you can also find printed advertisements, playing cards, coasters, brochures, clocks and signs. Some of these items were used by authorised dealers, either hung outside their shops or distributed to customers, while others were made to commemorate products and events. John Deere matchbooks are among some of the rarer collectables, and can reach high prices on the market. John Deere advertising brochures are ever popular, because they are colourful and eye-catching, capturing the essence of agriculture. They can be stored easily in a filing cabinet, so are a good option for collectors that want to save space.


Because most collectables were made with durable materials such as porcelain, tin and metal they make great display pieces and can often be restored close to their original condition by a professional. The condition will affect the value, with collectables that have been well cared for fetching a higher price.