John Lewis

Beautiful, authentic clothing and homewares from John Lewis

Once a high-end department store that sold a range of designer brands, British company John Lewis has launched its own label, John Lewis and Partners that comprises mostly women's fashion but also a range of children's wear and homewares. For years now, people have turned to John Lewis for unique, comfortable styles that look great and feel even better.

John Lewis’ kid's clothing is just what you want in children's wear – durable, fun, bright and easy to care for. The womenswear range is all about letting your own personality shine through your clothing. There are even homewares to spruce up any home!

A womenswear range you'll love

The concept for the John Lewis womenswear range is individuality. The range of clothing and accessories features bright prints and bold colours. It consists of over 300 classic, yet versatile, pieces that can be worked into your existing wardrobe or mixed with other pieces from the collection. Team a classic A-line skirt with a bold green sweater and a red peacoat for a look that will brighten even the greyest day.

It's not all about casual comfort though, with John Lewis also offering a classy range of business wear. Suits, pants and jackets are all available in different cuts and styles to suit any woman's preference. Match these great business shirts, jackets and pants with other John Lewis items, or you may even have something else you'd love to pair them with!

John Lewis also offers a range of bras and underwear, so you've got every layer covered with this versatile and unique brand.

John Lewis children's wear

The John Lewis children's wear range is designed to be fun to wear with bright colours and bold prints and is made from top-quality breathable fabrics for easy wear and washing. A joy for parents, these items are easy to care for, no matter how grubby your little ones get! They will love the clothing too, with so many bright patterns and beautiful pieces to choose from.

Toddlers look so cute wearing beautiful John Lewis cardigans or jumpsuits, and they'll also be warm and protected from whatever the world throws at them. Finding kid's clothing that's comfortable, functional and durable can be a struggle in today's throwaway society, and John Lewis takes up that challenge by delivering what every parent wants in children's clothing.


John Lewis has a range of home-brands like Harlequin, Designer's Guild and Lexington that produce a beautiful range of contemporary homewares, soft furnishings and kitchen items. All collections are designed to reflect the way we live today and have a subtle yet modern feel that will instantly upgrade the look of any room.

eBay has a great selection of John Lewis homewares, so if you're looking to dress your place up a little bit, why not check out our range of John Lewis decorative mirrors, or browse our range of John Lewis decorative cushions and pillows. All are available online today and come in a wide variety of colours, patterns and designs. From floral to nature-inspired, you'll find the items you need to suit any home décor.