Johnnie Walker

Celebrate lifes special moments by finding your next bottle of Johnnie Walker on eBay. 

Youve got all the necessities for your upcoming dinner party, but have you thought about what guests will kick back with once the night continues? Well Johnnie Walker has the recipe for one hell of a time. 

First crafted in a small grocers store in 1820 by none other than Scotsman John Walker, has helped shape and pioneer the far-reaching whisky market of today. The brand was able to move cases when John Walkers son Alexander set the brand aside from the rest with its unique square bottle design and slightly slanted label. 

The iconic striding man logo and colour-coded labels paired with the historically-perfected Scotch has meant that Johnnie Walker is today one of the most recognisable whisky names globally. its also by far the highest-selling Scotch in the world, selling more than a massive 20 million cases each year. Johnnie Walker products are available in almost every country worldwide. 

The brand now also has Houses in several dynamic Asian cities, such as Shanghai, Mumbai, Seoul, Beijing, and Taipei. 

How could you go past Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the cream of the Walker crop. Crafted to mirror the tastes and styles popular in the early 19th century, the whisky is made using some of the rarest, largest casks in the world to create that signature smoky flavour. its a rare blend reserved for lifes greatest celebrations and meaningful experiences. 

On eBay, you will find an extensive range of blended Scotch whisky, including the Johnnie Walker Colour range of classic whiskies, the John Walker & Sons range of exclusive whiskies, plus a selection of collectable Johnny Walker advertising. Lets toast to that!