Johnny Was

Boho Chic with Johnny Was

Renowned for its free-spirited approach to fashion, Johnny Was is the perfect label for those who like to think out of the box when it comes to fashion. Created in 1987, the big thinkers behind the brand thought up the concept after listening to Bob Marley on loop whilst chilling on the beach in sunny California.

Designed to stand out

The beauty that Johnny Was brings to the fashion table is the fact that the designers behind the line have created something that is made to cross cultural borders. With no boundaries when it comes to inspiration, the makers of these truly beautiful dresses, tunic tops, and blouses aim to make their clothes look like a piece of art with a touch of luxury.

Bold beautiful embroidery

Ideal for the Australian weather, the clothing that Johnny Was has on offer combines practicality for hot climates, with a fashionable twist that means you can throw it on or into your case at the last minute, and still look fantastic. Light, and airy yet still packed with style, they are versatile enough to be mixed up with everything from jeans to shorts, and thongs to strappy sandals.

With the ideology behind the brand maintaining that beauty is within the smaller details, the designs stick to this mantra, and its only when you come up close to a piece of these stunning designs that you can truly appreciate the work that goes into creating each, and every garment. Hand stitched with true attention to detail, each piece within the collection has its own story to tell.

Women who take pride in how they look but also value an effortless finish to their fashion choices will love the wide variety of Johnny Was clothing available on eBay, to suit a range of budgets.