Jolly Jumpers

Baby jumpers take the load off from the parents and allow babies to have fun on their own. Australian parents even voted the ever popular Canadian invention, the Jolly Jumper, a favourite among baby toys ages 0-12 months. You can hang a baby jumper in the doorway, and if you follow the safety precautions carefully, both you and your baby can make the most of this great product. If you like the baby jumper, you might also enjoy their other products like Jolly Jumper baby car seat accessories that entertain the baby when on the road.

Doorway Jolly Jumpers

Door clamps easily attach to sturdy frames, and you can also remove them fast to place the jumper in another doorway. You could even move your jumper outside and attach it to a tree branch. The ergonomic padded saddle keeps the child in place and allows for endless fun that exercises babys leg muscles.

Jolly Jumpers with Stands

Jolly Jumpers with stands are the perfect option if your doorways are too narrow or you simply do not trust hanging your baby high. You do not need any tools to put the jumper up and can easily fold it away for storage.


Jumping is not the only fun a baby can have when bouncing in a baby jumper. Musical mats are common accessories you can bundle with Jolly Jumpers for babies. Only pick a jumper with music if you can tolerate the music, because your baby will probably want to spend endless hours listening to it. Flashcards, soft plush toys, and other additions are less intrusive.


Make sure someone still keeps an eye on the baby when bouncing up and down to ensure maximum safety. Install doorway Jolly Jumpers onto sturdy frames, and toddlers inside that are too big. Otherwise, the construction could break and cause injury. Always follow the weight limits on the product. You should also ensure that the baby has enough space in the jumper and does not bump into walls or receive a push from a passing sibling. Moreover, do not forget your child in the jumper for too long, because babies also need to move on their own to develop their natural balance. Remember that you should not put the baby into the jumper too soon. The baby should be able to hold their own head up already.