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Jolly Pets Dog Toys

With so many different types of dog toys on the market, it can be difficult knowing which style and size dog toy is right for your pet. Jolly Pets offer a range of dog toys, with different styles of toy aimed at dogs with varying interests. Jolly Pets ball dog toys are perfect for dogs who love to play ball games or maybe your dog might prefer soft toys or tug-of-war games.

Jolly Pets Tugger Toys

Owners of dogs who love playing tug-of-war games can choose from Jolly Pets' range of tugger toys. Jolly Tug Insect is designed for two: either two dogs or a person and a dog, and it squeaks when pulled. Jolly Tug is a more traditional tug-of-war toy for dogs, while Flatheads are designed for dogs who enjoy a mixture of tugging, shaking and squeaking. Tug-A-Mal toys are soft on the outside and are shaped like various animals.

Jolly Pets Chaser Toys

For dogs who love to chase, Jolly Pets have an array of toys perfect for playing fetch. The Jolly soccer ball is designed not to deflate even when punctured, while the Push-N-Play is said to be the most indestructible of all the Jolly Pets floating plastic dog toys. The Jolly Egg is oval-shaped, giving it an erratic quality when rolled, thrown and played with.

Jolly Pets Ball Toys

A ball is one of the more traditional dog toys and given the choice, many dogs will still choose a ball over any other type of dog toy. The Tug-N-Toss combines a retrieving toy with a ball design and includes a handle to make it easier for owners to get the toy out of their dog's mouth to throw again. Romp-N-Roll is designed to be enjoyed at the beach or near any other body of water, as it is one of the Jolly Pets plastic ball toys that floats, even if it has been punctured.

Other Jolly Pets Dog Toys

One of the more recent inventions in the world of dog toys is the treat ball. The Tug-N-Toss Mini and the Jolly Critter are both treat dispensing toys, with a hole for dry dog biscuits, peanut butter or any other treat to be inserted, allowing the dog to taste a small bit at a time while playing. This encourages extended play and combats boredom.