Save With Great Deals On Jugs, Pitchers Online

Jugs or pitchers are designed to hold liquids, from water to soft drink, beer to wine. They have a small opening at the top that allows for easy pouring, and a handle so you can lift and pour heavy volumes with ease. If you’re on the hunt for a new jug or pitcher, eBay has everything you need right here.

Types of jugs and pitchers

You’ll find plenty of different types online including the following:

  • Plastic jugs: It's recyclable, and you can continuously use it. These are also easy to move around, not heavy, and easy to wash. To wash, apply water, soap, and use a brush to scrub any residue, then rinse it off. Or you might use vinegar for an even more efficient wash.
  • Tritan copolyester jug pitcher: There are several unexpected advantages to this new-generation copolyester, including clarity, toughness, heat resistance, chemical resistance, dishwasher safety, and the fact that it is BPA-free. Easy to wash with water and some detergent.
  • Glass jug pitcher: Glass is attractive, and available in a variety of sizes. It ensures the taste of your water remains unchanged. Fill the bottle halfway with water and vinegar and shake it thoroughly to clean. 
  • Aluminium jug pitcher: It has a lined enamel which prevents any harmful chemical interference with your water. To wash the internal part, apply hot water, soap and wash with a brush. To clean the external part, apply white vinegar on a neat cloth and rub it.
  • Steel jug pitcher: It's made of quality stainless steel which secures your water. Stainless good is great at temperature regulating – whether hot or cold. It's highly durable. To wash, apply water and vinegar. 

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