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K&H Pet Products Dog Beds

K&H Pet Products Dog Beds

K&H pet products dog beds are suitable for dogs of all sizes and vary from simple crate liners to luxurious memory foam beds. Different materials are used for different beds and liners to ensure that your dog stays cool or warm and always comfortable.


K&H dog beds are available in cooling and thermal options, so your dog can stay comfortable in hot and cold weather. Cooling dog beds rely either on airflow or on a cooling gel inserts. The gel insert does not require power or freezing. Instead, once filled with water, the dog’s own pressure when they lie down starts the cooling process. These beds are most often made of vinyl for sanitation and durability. Thermal dog beds use one of two methods. The first is a thermally reflective insulation material that efficiently reflects your dog’s body heat back at them. The second is a small durable thermostat that plugs into any power socket to provide heat for your dog. These electric options let you pick the perfect temperature for your pet.

Memory foam

K&H memory foam dog beds provide orthopedic support to dogs, whether young or old, and particularly aid dogs with bone, hip and joint problems. Memory foam is thick and matches to your dog’s form to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. Memory foam dog crate pads are also available. With a non-slip bottom to prevent sliding, these pads line dog crates, kennels and even the bare floor. Memory foam dog crate pads are often made from soft microfibre. Dog crate pads are easily removed to be washed.

Raised beds

Raised dog beds consist of a simple frame with a suspended canvas. They are available in any size, and are a lightweight and comfortable option for your pet. The airflow beneath the canvas not only keeps your dog cool, but keeps the bed clean and dry, prohibiting any growth of mould or mildew.