Excellent acoustics with KEF

Ever since their inception in the early 1960s, KEF has produced high quality systems. KEF Hi-Fi systems, engineered speakers, subwoofers, and a large range of other audio-enhancing products are available for an out-of-this-world listening experience.

KEF speakers

Do justice to your sound with a freestanding floor speaker from KEF. If you're looking for a good all-rounder which is excellent for improving your listening experience of music, video, or any other multimedia, then why not consider a set of KEF Uni-Q50 speakers for the ultimate listening pleasure.

With height, width, and depth dimensions of 800 mm x 190 mm x 301 mm respectively, these tall but compact speakers are easy to set up and lightweight to move around. You'll be enjoying the amazingly clear trebles and powerful bass tones from these KEF speakers in no time.

For a smaller space, you may find the KEF R Series range is more your thing. Housed in real rosewood and walnut veneers for a classic vintage look, these beautiful solid-looking bookshelf speakers come equipped with internal layer damping panels, to reduce any vibration from the cabinet for a clear, undisturbed sound. At a height, width, and depth of just 280 mm x 180 mm x 289 mm, these versatile and highly portable little speakers are also ideal for mounting on walls, or on top of furniture.

KEF subwoofers and surround sound

Bring the cinema to your home with a subwoofer or surround sound system from KEF. Not only will you bring a film, or piece of music to life with an enriching, deep baseline, you can also really hear that boogeyman creeping up behind you, by placing the smaller satellite speakers in each corner of the room. KEF surround sound systems are known for their excellent quality and clarity of sound, and with their durable vibration-resistant casing they're very long lasting too.

So if your stereo just isn't up to scratch, why not pick from the incredible range of KEF speaker options on eBay now, and make weak, tinny sound a thing of the past.