• KEF PSW 2010 2500 Powered Active Subwoofer

    By participating in the sale, you have read and agreed to our. Cash on Pickup. Any consumable parts of the goods being sold (eg. batteries, toner etc.). The warranty doesNOT cover. Only goods which are specifically described as having a warranty period are covered.
    AU $400.00
    or Best Offer
  • KEF R400b Subwoofer - (Black)

    The drivers are mounted back-to-back to create a ‘force cancelling’ effect. Indulge in the R400b experience at a price that will also be music to your ears. DESIGN : Powered Subwoofer (Sealed). Front baffles are clean with no visible screws.
    AU $800.00
    30 bids
    AU $135.00 postage
    Ending Thursday at 19:00 AEST1d 5h
  • KEF SP 1205 8" 3 Ohm Woofer Speaker Driver ENGLAND

    Great condition overall. Price per 1 speaker. The back is tightly wrapped with bubble wrap to prevent incursion onto the cone from the rear. Finally best of luck with your speaker repairs!
    AU $35.00
    AU $36.38 postage
  • One pair of foam surrounds for 8" KEF speaker. eg B200 etc. See list below.

    One pair of 8" foam surrounds suitable for the Kef speaker ,including the. OUTSIDE OF THE LIP - 195mm. OUTSIDE OF THE BUMP-180mm.
    AU $9.00
    AU $8.00 postage
    or Best Offer
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  • One pair of 6.5" foam surrounds for the Kef spkr. eg KEF 103. etc. See list.

    REFERENCE 103/4, B 160, K 120, Q 65, S-1395, SP 1282, S 1395, SP 1275 , SP 1261, SP 1306, SP 1311, SP 1349, REFERENCE 1 KEF 103/4, REFERENCE 2, KEF 103, KEFR 104, KEF 104/2, KEF 105, KEF 105/3, B 200, SP 1236, SP1232, SP 1256 etc.
    AU $7.00
    AU $8.00 postage
    or Best Offer
  • One pair of 5" foam surrounds for the KEF spkrs. eg KAR-110. See list.

    One pair of 5" foam surrounds suitable for the KEF includes the THE GLUE USED BY THE INDUSTRY TO GLUE FOAM SURROUNDS IS OF THE ACETATE FAMILY. OUTSIDE OF LIP 125 MM. OUTSIDE OF BUMP 113 MM.
    AU $6.00
    AU $8.00 postage
    or Best Offer
  • One pair of 10"" foam surrounds for the Kef speakers. eg AV 1 etc. See list

    One pair of 10" foam surrounds suitable for the Kef speaker. This includes the THE GLUE USED BY THE INDUSTRY TO GLUE FOAM SURROUNDS IS OF THE ACETATE FAMILY. 105, 105/3, 107, AV 1, B250, CR250, SP1215, SP 3088, TS 1233 etc.
    AU $11.00
    AU $8.00 postage
    or Best Offer
  • 8" Foam Surround Repair Kit to suit Kef Speakers Kef B200 103 104 (FS 179-148)

    This part will suit the following models & many others: KEF 103, KEF103, KEF-103, KEF 103/3, KEF103/3, KEF-103/3, KEF 103-3, KEF103-3, KEF-103-3, KEF 104, KEF104, KEF-104, KEF 104/2, KEF104/2, KEF-104/2, KEF 104-2, KEF104-2, KEF-104-2, KEF 105, KEF105, KEF-105, KEF 105/3, KEF105/3, KEF-105/3, KEF 105-3, KEF105-3, KEF-105-3, 104, 104-2, 104/2, 104 2, B-200, B200, B 200, SP-1236, SP1236, SP 1236, SP-1232, SP1232, SP 1232, SP-1256, SP1256, SP 1256.
    AU $27.49
    AU $16.00 postage
    or Best Offer
    23 watching
  • 6.5" Foam Surround Repair Kit to suit Kef Speakers Kef B160 K120 65 (FS 141-120)

    This part will suit the following models & many others: KEF 103/4, B-160, B160, K-120, K120, Q-65, Q65, S-1395, S1395, SP-1275, SP1275, SP-1261, SP1261, SP-1306, SP1306, SP-1349, SP1349. 6.5" Foam Surround Repair Kit to suit Kef Speakers.
    AU $27.49
    AU $16.00 postage
    or Best Offer
    13 watching
  • 10" Foam Surround Repair Kit to suit Kef Speakers Kef 107 B250 (FS 233-205)

    This part will suit the following models & many others: KEF 107, KEF107, KEF-107, KEF 107/2, KEF107/2, KEF-107/2, KEF 107-2, KEF107-2, KEF-107-2, 105, 105/3, 107, AV1, B-250, B250, CR-250, CR250, SP-1215, SP1215, SP-3088, SP3088, TS-1215, TS-1233, TS1233.
    AU $39.99
    AU $16.00 postage
    or Best Offer
  • 5" Foam Surround Repair Kit to suit Kef Speakers Kef KAR 110 (FS 107-90)

    5" Foam Surround Repair Kit to suit Kef Speakers. This part will suit the following models & many others: KEF KAR-110, KAR110. Surround Kit Contains B: 107 mm, Where the Roll starts. 1 x Adhesive brush pen.
    AU $27.49
    AU $16.00 postage
    or Best Offer

    KEF Q35 Floor standing Speakers, made in the UK. Pickup only from The Gap,Brisbane. failed original, drivers can be provided. These are an upgrade on the original drivers that were prone to failure.
    AU $125.00
    0 bidsEnding Friday at 12:39 AEST1d 23hLocal pickup
  • Kef LS50 Wireless Bookshelf Speakers Black Colour Only (Pair) RRP $3799.00

    Excellent condition. Comes with box and all accessories. Will post.
    AU $2,900.00
    13 watching
  • KEF Reference Series Model One - floor standing speakers excellent condition

    I bought these because I wanted to feel like the band was "in the room". One of the dust covers has a small hole (about 2mm) as shown in the picture, otherwise they are pristine. Instruction Manual is included, but no cables.
    AU $530.00
    13 bidsEnding Saturday at 13:50 AEST3dLocal pickup
  • kef Q300

    Kef Q300 bookshelf speakers in excellent condition, suit new buyer. $1099 new Amazing sounding speakers just downgrading. Please feel free to ask any questions.
    AU $495.00

    Specification: Coda 9. Finish: Black Ash. Sensitivity: 91dB at 1m for 2.83V. Frequency response: 40Hz to 20kHz /-3.0dB (-6dB at 35Hz). Maximum Output: 111dB.
    AU $499.00
    or Best Offer
    22 watching
  • Kef R100 Speakers Pair

    The Kef R100 Speakers, are the entry level speaker in the the luxurious Kef R Series range. Kef R100 Speakers. Kef R100 Speakers Specification Cross Over Frequency - 2.5kHz. Sensitivity - 86dB. Nominal impedance - 8 Ohms.
    AU $1,185.00
    From United Kingdom
    or Best Offer
  • KEF Q400B Active Powered Subwoofer Sub Woofer WHITE

    Design: Closed-box subwoofer. Anyone who has heard this model will know it's great sub hitting deep notes down to 28hz (-3db), perfectly suited for purpose. Power consumption: 200VA.
    AU $745.00
  • Funky early 70s KEF concerto HiFi speaker pair T27 tweeter B110 midrange

    It maintained the KEF practice in high end systems of using a dedicated midrange driver to cover the critical vocal range, in this case the 5" bextrene coned B110. Drive units: B139 bass unit (A6171), B110 midrange unit (SP1003), T27 tweeter (SP1032).
    AU $392.00
    28 bidsEnding Today at 18:22 AEST5h 10mLocal pickup
  • KEF Q Series Speakers - Three-way Bass Reflex. Pair of Q5 PLUS Q6 centre speaker

    KEF Q Series Speakers - Three-way Bass Reflex. Pair of Q5 PLUS Q6c centre speaker. Quality Speakers by KEF producing a great sound. Model Q5 Three-way bass reflex (2). Model Q6c Three-way bass reflex (1).
    AU $200.00
    0 bids
    or Best Offer
    Ending 23 Sep at 11:35 AEST3d 22hLocal pickup
  • KEF Q70 Speaker in excellent condition

    Tweeter 19mm (3/4 in.). Frequency response ± 3dB 35 - 27000 Hz. Midrange 165mm (6.5 in.). Nominal impedance 8 Ohm. System type 3-way. Maximum output (SPL) 113 dB.
    AU $1,290.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
    28 watching
  • KEF LS50 Black bookshelf Speaker (RRP $1899)

    Drive UnitsUni-Q driver array 7.2kg (15.8lbs). Nominal Impedance8 Ohms (min.3.2 Ohms). <0.4% 175Hz-20kHz. Harmonic distortion2nd & 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m). Sensitivity85dB (2.83V/1m).
    AU $1,549.00
    Local pickup
    25 watching
  • KEF Reference 203/2 (RRP $9999)

    The KEF Reference Model 203/2 loudspeakers has been precision engineered to eliminate every unwanted vibration, Reference Series cabinets are works of art in themselves. Enclosure Type Three way Bass reflex.
    AU $6,999.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
    20 watching
  • KEF Egg 5.1 Home Theatre Surround Sound Speakers

    KEF Egg Home Theatre Speakers in Gloss Black and in amazing condition. This is not a cheap Samsung or Sony set and is only being sold as we no longer have the space. The Subwoofer alone is worth $$$. Negotiable but will not take stupid offers. Tested and checked, no dents scratches and all drivers in perfect condition. These are the second edition with the improved drivers and sound absolutely incredible. Can only be for pickup as these are very heavy.
    AU $799.00
    0 bidsEnding 24 Sep at 7:23 AEST4d 18hLocal pickup
  • KEF Floor speaker Q500 Black (RRP $1999)

    The most compact of the Q Series floorstanders, the Q500 performs outstandingly for a speaker of its size. WEIGHT15kg (33.1 lbs). 917 x 295 x 312 mm (36.1 x 11.6 x 12.3 in.). with plinth. IMPEDANCE8 Ohms.
    AU $1,400.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
  • KEF E305 Home Theatre System( RRP $1999 )

    With its famously wide dispersion characteristics and sonic purity, this technology is what gives the system its extraordinarily natural sound quality. With KEF's 'Tangerine' waveguide, it encourages the sound to radiate evenly, increasing both the dispersion and sensitivity of the tweeter for a more natural performance throughout the listening area.
    AU $1,299.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
  • KEF R700 Black piano wood Floor standing speakers(RRP $5200)

    KEF Uni-Q driver array is nothing short of a masterpiece. Unlike conventional speakers, the mid-range cones are rigid magnesium/aluminum constructions that reduce breakup problems. Model R700. Piano gross looking, Amazingly fast and clean mid-range response.
    AU $3,700.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
  • KEF Audio Concerto Speakers - One Pair

    KEF Audio Concerto Speakers - One Pair 100% working. Beautiful sounding pair of speaker, KEF Concerto Speakers. they just won't sound to their full potential if not upgraded. This pair sounds like new.
    AU $899.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
  • KEF Floor Standing Speaker R700

    Design: Three-way bass reflex. Weight: 25.9kg (57lbs). 1121 x 329 x 368 mm (44.1 x 13.0 x 14.5 in.). 1070 x 210 x 345 mm (42.1 x 8.3 x 13.6 in.). Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms (min.3.2 Ohms). Harmonic Distortion: <0.4% 100Hz-20kHz.
    AU $3,950.00
    Local pickup

    AU $1,950.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer

    AU $800.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
  • KEF subwoofer, PSW 1000.2

    Very powerful, 100 WORKING CONDITION.
    AU $120.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
    16 watching
  • KEF Ci200TRb 8" Ultra Thin Bezel In-Wall Subwoofer (Each)

    When used in passive mode, the Ci200TRb adds impressive depth of bass when matched with our Ci160TR round or Ci160TS square speakers. Boasting a formidable 200mm (8in.). subwoofer incarnation of our ultra-thin T Series woofer driver, the Ci200TRb opens up new possibilities for enjoying KEF's uncompromised sound quality where installation space is at a premium.
    AU $895.00
  • KEF Audio KHT2005.2 5.1 Speaker Surround Sound System (Silver Finish)

    Finish: Silver. System type: Two-way, wall/stand-mount (INCLUDED). Frequency response: 80Hz to 27kHz /-3.0dB. Power handling: 100W. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms.
    AU $900.00
    Local pickup
    or Best Offer
  • KEF Audio Centre Speaker C6LCR 150watt RRP $499

    Woofer Bass Driver Size (mm)2 x 130 mm. Sensitivity 90dB. Impedance (Ω)8 Ω.
    AU $329.00
    Local pickup
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Got one to sell?

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Excellent acoustics with KEF

Ever since their inception in the early 1960s, KEF has produced high quality systems. KEF Hi-Fi systems, engineered speakers, subwoofers, and a large range of other audio-enhancing products are available for an out-of-this-world listening experience.

KEF speakers

Do justice to your sound with a freestanding floor speaker from KEF. If you're looking for a good all-rounder which is excellent for improving your listening experience of music, video, or any other multimedia, then why not consider a set of KEF Uni-Q50 speakers for the ultimate listening pleasure.

With height, width, and depth dimensions of 800 mm x 190 mm x 301 mm respectively, these tall but compact speakers are easy to set up and lightweight to move around. You'll be enjoying the amazingly clear trebles and powerful bass tones from these KEF speakers in no time.

For a smaller space, you may find the KEF R Series range is more your thing. Housed in real rosewood and walnut veneers for a classic vintage look, these beautiful solid-looking bookshelf speakers come equipped with internal layer damping panels, to reduce any vibration from the cabinet for a clear, undisturbed sound. At a height, width, and depth of just 280 mm x 180 mm x 289 mm, these versatile and highly portable little speakers are also ideal for mounting on walls, or on top of furniture.

KEF subwoofers and surround sound

Bring the cinema to your home with a subwoofer or surround sound system from KEF. Not only will you bring a film, or piece of music to life with an enriching, deep baseline, you can also really hear that boogeyman creeping up behind you, by placing the smaller satellite speakers in each corner of the room. KEF surround sound systems are known for their excellent quality and clarity of sound, and with their durable vibration-resistant casing they're very long lasting too.

So if your stereo just isn't up to scratch, why not pick from the incredible range of KEF speaker options on eBay now, and make weak, tinny sound a thing of the past.

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