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Kenda Bicycle Tyres

Kenda bicycles are versatile and offer excellent cycling experiences across any surface. A large part of the performance experience is due to the Kenda bike tyres, so you have to make sure you choose the right set. Different tyres offer different advantages, so finding the best tyre for your bicycle involves making several considerations regarding terrain, frequency of use as well as the bicycle rims.

Size and Colour

Different wheels require different size tyres. Fortunately, Kenda bicycle tyres come in all sizes and colours. The biggest tyres will fit mainly on mountain bikes as they tend to have the largest wheel, though you might find smaller city bike frames fitted with a large wheel as well. Staring from a 10-inch tyre designed for kids’ bicycles, and going up to the larger 29-inch, every replacement tyre should be selected using the numbers embedded in the tyre that is already on the rim. If the tyre is too damaged to have readable numbers on it, you can check for the same numbers somewhere on the rim itself. While most cyclists prefer black, you can also find purple, red, yellow, white, orange, green, blue and pink Kenda bicycle tyres. There is no difference in price between colours, so you can pick a new colour as a short-term experiment and return to your original choice after one replacement cycle.

Tyre Width

Performance can be affected a lot by tyre width as well. While you are very limited in the tyre size you can choose, when it comes to width, you do have some leeway. Select wider tyres for better grip on the surface or slimmer tyres for a faster ride. Even just a couple millimetres in width makes a huge difference in handling. Wider tyres are usually installed on mountain bikes, though there are several other considerations made when choosing the right tyre for the right mountain terrain.

Clincher, Tubular and Tubeless

Your rims also determine the type of tyre you can fit on them. Most road bike rims use either Kenda tubular tyres or Kenda clincher tyres. None of the tyre types are indestructible, but these two might offer better performance on a gravel road. Mountain and general off-road cyclists use Kenda tubeless tyres as they can ride them inflated with low pressure without running the risk of a pinch-flat.