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Turn to one of the biggest names in hair care with KEVIN.MURPHY hair shampoos and conditioners from eBay

Hair comes in all textures, colours, and thicknesses, so choosing a shampoo and conditioner that’s right for your hair is so important.

Haircare company KEVIN.MURPHY develops hair care products which are often based on products that were originally designed for skin care. KEVIN.MURPHY has a wide range of innovative products to help keep your hair squeaky clean and looking fabulous.

About Kevin

Australian-born hairdresser Kevin Murphy has been the hairstylist for advertisements and fashion shows, as well as cover shoots for InStyle and Vogue magazines.

Kevin trained at Vidal Sassoon in London and has since established himself as one of Australia’s most sought-after stylists. He is recognised by many as a visionary who leads fashion trends with the creation of groundbreaking and modern hairdressing tools and innovative haircare products which are both kind to the environment and your hair.

Shampoos and conditioners

The best hair care products are the ones that work on a wide range of styles and types. The KEVIN.MURPHY does just that, making it suitable for curly hair, fine hair, dry hair, limp hair, thick hair and more.

Also available are rinses, conditioning masks, and a variety of styling products, they come in statement-making and funky box-shaped containers in hues of pretty pastel, which ensure makes for the prettiest bathroom on the block.

KEVIN.MURPHY Angel.Wash, for example, comes in a pretty pale pink bottle, is best suitable for coloured hair that’s broken, thin, or damaged, and it smells exactly like a yummy creamsicle. The only thing Angel shampoo is missing is a literal pair of angel wings, because this product is surely sent down directly from heaven.


  • Angel.Wash for coloured hair
  • Maxi.Wash for oily hair
  • Hydrate-Me.Wash for dry hair
  • Balancing.Wash for fried hair
  • Plumping.Wash for limp hair

Have a look at the range of KEVIN.MURPHY shampoos and conditioners available on eBay and find the one that’s right for you.