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KNIPEX Hand Tools

KNIPEX hand tools are known for their durability and high-quality construction. Most KNIPEX hand tools feature brightly coloured red and yellow handles, so they are easy to find even in dimly lit spaces or full toolboxes. These tools are useful for taking care of maintenance issues around your home, as well as completing construction or creative projects. KNIPEX produces a variety of hand tools, each with its own specific uses.


There are a few different types of KNIPEX pliers available, including lineman’s pliers, needle-nose pliers and slip-joint pliers. Lineman's pliers feature insulated handles so you can use them for electrical work. Needle-nose pliers feature very slim prongs so they can easily fit into tight spaces and manipulate small objects. Slip-joint pliers are used for gripping and bending hardware, and they feature metal teeth for a stronger grip.

KNIPEX Screwdrivers

KNIPEX screwdrivers come in Philips and flat-head varieties. You can find them in a variety of different sizes, and there are even insulated screwdrivers available that allow you to safely work with electrical equipment. These screwdrivers are available in sets or individually.

KNIPEX Spanners and Wrenches

KNIPEX industrial spanners and wrenches are designed for tightening and loosening items, such as nuts and bolts. Some of them come in a standardised size and others are adjustable so that you can use them on objects of various sizes. They come in insulated and uninsulated varieties.

KNIPEX Hand Saws

KNIPEX hand saws are useful for cutting through boards, branches and even pipes. KNIPEX crosscut saws are ideal for thicker pieces of wood and feature a single stationary blade. KNIPEX hacksaws work on plastic and even some types of metal as well as wood, and they feature replaceable blades. This means that if the saw gets dull, you can simply switch out the blade and complete the job.