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KNIPEX Home Pliers


Made in Germany, KNIPEX is dedicated to all things pliers, and its this attention to one single product group that has made it a world leader in its field. It has a reputation for being the best in the business and the ideal choice for pliers and hand tools across a wide range of trades and applications. KNIPEX industrial pliers are engineered to the highest standards of workmanship using the best materials, ensuring they perform with outstanding precision and reliability.

Electrical Installation Pliers

KNIPEX network cable pliers and electrical installation pliers are designed to be a multifunctional tool, ideal for gripping flat and round material, as well as bending, deburring, cutting and stripping cables. Smooth surfaces near the tips help to grip single cores without damaging them, while there are serrated gripping surfaces for when dealing with flat and round materials. They also boast an intelligent latching mechanism that enables you to grip the pliers without opening them.

Water Pump Pliers

Take advantage of the spring-loaded sliding lock button on KNIPEXs water pump pliers, ensuring reliable catching of the hinge bolt without unintentional shifting. They feature an enlarged gripping capacity and slip design, as well as fine adjustment options for adaptation to different-sized workpieces. They will self-lock on pipes and nuts with little hand force required to operate them.

Combination Pliers

If you want all-round pliers to get the job done, look for KNIPEX combination pliers with specially designed gripping zones for flat and round material, as well as cutting edges designed for both soft and hard wires. KNIPEX combination pliers also boast wear-resistant gripping jaws and are made from a durable and heavy-duty chrome vanadium steel that has been forged and multi-stage oil hardened.

Plier Sets

KNIPEX plier sets feature four of the handiest tools youll ever need, including combination pliers, snipe-nose side-cutting pliers and cobra water pump pliers. They also come with a high leverage diagonal cutter and a foam tray to ensure your tools are stored clearly and in an organised manner on your workbench or tool trolley.

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