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KONG Dog Toys

Help your dog play safe with these top selling Kong dog toys

Give your pup the gift of tough toys with Kong dog toys. These varied toys are designed to withstand the stress of regular biting. They will hold up to hard use and make a good gift to give to most dogs. Hand one of these toys over to a puppy and it will have hours of entertainment, especially if you go with a hollow toy that you can fill. We assembled the top selling Kong dog toys on this page for you to look at. Choose with care.

The Kong brand is widely known for its treat-dispensing toys that dogs all seem to love. There are Kong toys that dont dispense any sort of treat though. When you pick out a Kong youll have to decide whether you want it to dispense treats or not. If you do get a model that dispenses treats youll have to keep it stocked up to keep your pup busy over time. These toys work incredibly well and are good for dogs that like to chew excessively.

Kong dog toys come in a huge range of sizes and shapes. Its up to you to choose a product that you know your dog is going to enjoy. First, choose a toy thats going to be the right size for your pup. You want a toy that your dog can pick up and carry around, so keep that in mind when making your purchase. Also try to pick a toy that your pet is likely to use. If your dog like fetching, pick a Kong toy that is shaped like a ball. If it prefers chewing go with a treat-dispensing product to keep your dog entertained and interested in the product.

Finally, consider what sort of features the toy offers when you are choosing it. Some squeak, others serve as a teething tool and some are just made to be exceptionally durable. Get a toy with the features that matter most to you and enjoy the performance. Also consider getting some extra items like a dog bed or  dog kennel for your pup. These tools will keep them safe and protected and can be used for training as well. Get these items for your dog through eBay and save more using our Best Price Guarantee. Its a worthwhile investment and good to do for every dog.