Make your pet feel like a queen or king with KONG dog toys, clothing and more from eBay   

Belly rubs and dog treats are nice and all, but a piece from the KONG collection available online every day at eBay can really make your pup feel like royalty. With hundreds of potential additions to your household, from toys to throw and chew to products to attach and wear, there’s a strong chance you’ll find something that will get your dog’s tail wagging.   

Limiting dog damage 

KONG company founder Joe Markham wanted to find a way to let his trained police dog Fritz have fun without doing too much damage to his canine jaws. See, Fritz didn’t destroy shoes or furniture like many pets. Instead, he destroyed his own teeth by chewing on rocks and other hard material.   

One day, Markham was out working on his VW bus. He threw used parts out to Fritz, who took a particular liking to a piece of rubber that held up to his furious, enthusiastic chewing. The durability, the bounciness, the happiness, the stimulation that came with it—it all added up to a bright idea for Markham. KONG dog toys were born.   

More than just toys 

Along with dependable dog toys that can stand up to throw after throw and chew after chew, KONG has expanded their reach into other aspects of dog and owner lives. With dog food, dog collars and even clothing for dogs, you can find something to add to your household to improve your four-legged friend’s life. 

With a massive range of options, from functional additions to fun playthings and excellent combinations of both, you can buy new dog toys and canine clothing, dog collars and more with just a few clicks. Turn to eBay today for your dog supplies, and find pet supplies for your other non-human family members.