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KTM Motorcycle Chain and Belt Guards and Guides

Motorcycle chains are a lot like chainsaw chains without the teeth. They are heavy metal chains that follow a prescribed path at a very high rate of speed. Motorcycle chain/belt guards and guides keep the chain where it's supposed to be so that it doesn't come off while you're riding. KTM guards and motorcycle guides provide protection for off-road and racing riders.

Chain Drive and Suspensions

Both chain and belt drives only work because they are under tension. That's easy to do so long as the various parts don't move, but that's not the case with motorcycle rear wheels. Street bikes are bad enough, but dirt bike suspensions are even worse. The more your suspension travels the more your chain geometry changes. Chain guides and sliders protect your suspension and keep your chain in place no matter how bumpy the ride.


Under Australian law, every motorcycle must have a chain guard that extends either 300 millimetres beyond the passenger foot rest, or to the centre of the drive sprocket. Motorcycles that do not meet this standard do not follow Australian Design Rules and are themselves illegal. For guards, it's all about safety. If your chain breaks, it's likely to whip up through the fender and hit you. Properly placed guards can either stop or deflect the chain so you don't have to.

Guides and Sliders

Motorcycle chain guides fit below and in front of the rear sprocket, and serve to ensure that the chain feeds correctly into the teeth. Keeping the chain on is not difficult when your chain is tight, but most chains get a bit looser as the suspension bottoms out, so it's easier to derail. A chain guide keeps that from happening by holding the chain in place. Sliders protect the swing arms, and will wear out with use.

Finish and Appearance

Finish is always important to the appearance of any motorcycle. Matte motorcycle chain and belt guards and guides keep their appearance longer because minor scratches are less noticeable in a matte surface.

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