KVM Switches

Connect all your devices with a KVM Switch

A KVM switch is a very useful hardware device that lets you control multiple computers at the same time. Whether you need to connect your laptop to your television or your keyboard to your video monitor, console or mouse, a KVM switch is a perfect solution. Shop for KVM switches, computer cables and connectors on eBay.


Theres a great variety of USB KVM Switches available. A USB port is one of the most commonly used ports for connecting different devices and computers via USB. You can shop USB brands such as StarTech USB, Belkin USB or go for an unbranded of generic USB for some great deals.


If youre looking for a KVM with a HDMI port, go for one that includes one or more HDMI ports such as the StarTech VS421HD20 4 port HDMI automatic switch. The Dual Port USB HDMI KVM switch switcher is another great choice for use in Australia. It comes with appropriate cables for use with monitors, keyboards and a mouse.


If you need to connect a video source such as a computer monitor or game console, a KVM switch with a DVI is necessary. A DVI allows you to connect your device to a video display controller or device. Its important to read the description of the product before purchasing to make sure it includes the cables needed for a smooth connection.

Multiple Ports

For use with multiple platforms such as Windows and Mac, go for something like the Aten Petite 2 Port USB VGA KVM Switch. Like many other KVM switches, this one allows you to connect various computers using a built in remote selector using various cables such as a VGA or USB. You can place it on the desktop and access your files and take control of multiple computers and devices with ease.