Have you ever been invited to a fancy-dress party and spent days trying to decide what on earth you’re going to wear? Well, worry no more, because these days, costumes come ready made in all shapes and sizes. All you need to do is slip one on and you’re ready for just about anything. And if you choose a kangaroo costume, you’ll not only stand out from the crowd, you’ll be the talk of the party.

Two Costume Styles

Kangaroos are cute. Everybody loves them. And the good news is that a kangaroo costume is easy to find. They generally come either as a onesie, or as a piggyback style costume. The onesie is typically made from a plush material similar to soft furry toys, with a realistic kangaroo face and a stuffed tail that stands out from the rest of the suit. The costume should also include mitts. They can be quite warm to wear as the head goes over your own head, and the eyes are meshed so that you can see out. Similar kangaroo costumes more suitable for children are also onesies made of polyester material but instead of an animal face head covering, there is just a hood with ears. They are fairly loose fitting for added comfort and button up for easy dressing and undressing. These styles come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit even the smallest child.

The piggyback style costume consists of a slip-on suit, zippered at the back. Your legs form the legs of the kangaroo and a false pair of human legs gives the illusion that you are being carried, or piggybacked, by the kangaroo. Kangaroo costumes make excellent mascot outfits, characters for fundraising events, or for any child’s birthday party or adult fancy-dress occasion.

There are many styles to choose from among the eBay stores and sellers so you won’t have any problem finding a kangaroo costume to suit your taste and budget. Grab one for yourself or your child today and prepare for fun.