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Karaoke Equipment

Karaoke is an excellent way to kick loose and bring the party to the next level. This popular party activity has inspired various audio electronics which are aimed to provide the best interactive experience. Karaoke equipment comes in several forms, each designed for various budget and party settings. Selecting the right karaoke solution might also depend on your experience and the hardware you already possess.

Software or Hardware

Modern karaoke systems range from a simple PC software to a whole independent unit with speakers and an embedded screen. If you just want to have some fun via your computer, all you need to do is download one of the many karaoke software available and plug a karaoke microphone in the microphone port. The software will give you access to thousands of songs and you can tune the sound and effects via the computer itself. Software solutions are the most affordable ones, however, if you don't want all party participants to play with your computer, you should opt for a hardware option.

Component or Complete Solutions

Hardware karaoke equipment is mainly divided in component and complete solution equipment. Component equipment is a convenient choice if you wish to host a karaoke party and use your existing stereo or home theatre system. Component karaoke systems look like any other stereo module and offer integration with both your sound system and your TV. They are easy to install and most of them have the a remote control for fast access and tuning. These systems are a nice fit for a home or office party where you already have enough speaker power in place. Complete karaoke systems on the other had are stand-alone machines that have a built-in amplifier, speakers and monitor in them. You can select songs, follow the lyrics and do all sorts of adjustments with knobs available on the machine itself. Many of these models can be hooked on additional speakers as well, so you can scale the output sound. These solutions are excellent for large rooms such as bars, restaurants and halls.