Sing along to your favourite songs with karaoke microphones

Turn your karaoke sessions into theatrical performances with specialised mics for the best sound and entertainment possible while singing your favourite songs. Discover wired, wireless, and Bluetooth karaoke microphones, perfect for a variety of machines.

Originating in Japan, karaoke is where an amateur vocalist will sing along to instrumental versions of popular music. Karaoke systems can be found in bars, clubs and even in homes, making it great fun for people of all ages. The participants sing into a handheld microphone for their performances, of which there are specific microphones that can be purchased for karaoke purposes.

Sing in style with a karaoke microphone

Karaoke microphones come in different forms, such as wireless, Bluetooth, or wired with a connector on the other end that plugs directly into the karaoke machine. The main advantages of a wireless microphone are that it allows the singer more freedom of movement, reduces tripping hazards, and avoids the problems of fraying cables. An issue that can occur is the limited range of some wireless microphones, which can be avoided with a wired variation.

The MicGeek Q10S wireless microphone connects to a karaoke machine through Bluetooth, and the microphone itself has a function to enable voice synthesisers to create a better sound while singing. Its metallic appearance provides a more authentic look, coupled with the traditional shape of the microphone.

The wired Fenton DM120 model comes in a variety of colours and can be bought as a set with individual leads, making it the perfect purchase for a karaoke party to have people sing in groups as well as alone. They are easy to use, with simple power buttons on each of the microphones that can be plugged in and switched on to start the party.

Bluetooth speakers can be used for enhanced sound quality of the microphone. Certain karaoke apps on smart devices can be connected to a microphone, providing more convenience over having a karaoke machine and you can take the music anywhere.