Karaoke Players & Mic-Based Players

Sing your lungs out with mic-based karaoke players

Fancy yourself the winner of the next Australian Idol? If you think you’ve got what it takes, get practicing and get ready to show off your stuff with your very own karaoke player. Available right here on eBay, a mic-based player will provide hours of fun and entertainment with friends and family members at your next get-together.

With the advent of games like SingStar, Def Jam Rapstar and Rock Band 3, Karaoke has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. There’s just something so innocent about belting out a love ballad or duet with your closest friends – it’s much more fun singing in front of an audience than in the shower! If you want to impress everyone with your vocals, then you should invest in a karaoke player.

What to look for when buying a karaoke player

Gone are the days of having to drag a bulky and heavy karaoke player into your lounge room when guests came over – now, they are much more compact in size, and easier to carry around. This is especially useful for when your friends beg you to bring it around to their place for their party or event!

A basic karaoke machine will consist of a music player (such as a CD or DVD player), microphone inputs, and an audio input, like an AUX. The real state-of-the-art karaoke players may come with an inbuilt screen, so you can read the lyrics as you sing along. Many others may come with more than one microphone input, which is essential for when you want to sing duets and group songs. Whatever features you’re looking for, you are sure to find when you check out eBay’s great range of karaoke microphones, karaoke machines and much more at great prices.