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Luscious Looks With Kat Von D

Kat Von D's makeup line mixes bold colour palettes with a cruelty-free ethos that's shaken up the makeup industry. From her time on LA Ink working at now-famous High Voltage Tattoo, her passion for creating beautiful looks for people has been clear. In 2008 she took this passion and focused her attention on her first makeup line - and you can shop a wide range of her products on eBay today.

Kat Von D is focused on creating makeup that allows you to truly express your individual look. She prides herself by being deeply involved at every stage of the product creation so she can be sure that she is delivering products her wide-ranging fan base will love.

Funky face makeup for a new generation

Kat Von D has never gone along with the crowd, and that's what makes her face makeup range so loved by her fans. The Kitten and Lock It collections form the bulk of Kat's foundation range, and they boast 26 shades to ensure you can get the look you're after. Blemishes are also a thing of the past with Kat Von D concealers, available in 21 different colours to work with your skin perfectly.

There's powders, blush, highlighter and contour makeup to make your daily routine a breeze. Not to mention the fact that the packaging and compacts are super funky and appealing to lovers of alternative culture.

Do yourself a favour and check out the Kat Von D face makeup range today.

Kat Von D eye makeup

Kat herself is known for always sporting an eye look that's always on trend, so it's no wonder her eye makeup is so popular. From funky shades of eye shadow to sleek, easy to apply eyeliner, you can find everything you need to enhance your look from Kat Von D.

Inspired by her love of tattoo culture, many of the eye products are designed with tattoo precision in mind. This allows you to sculpt and enhance your eyes in any way that suits your individual style. From the hugely popular Lolita Por Vida eyeshadow palettes to the powerful Go Big or Go Home volumising mascara, you can create whatever look you're comfortable with.

Lick your lips over these deals

Lips are of course a key component of any makeup routine, and you'll notice a lot of work has gone into the Kat Von D range. The idea is to create products that give you absolute freedom of self-expression. It's not about following along with the crowd, but rather embracing your individuality and letting it shine.

What you get from Kat Von D is an incredible array of diverse colours that suit absolutely any style and look you want to create. The Studded Kiss and Everlasting collections are very popular, coming in 27 and 51 colours respectively. The best thing is, you also have a choice of how to apply. Studded Kiss is your more traditional style and Everlasting is a liquid lipstick.

There are even 18 colours of lip liner in the Everlasting range, and the colours really let you embrace your own individual style.