Bring the magic of music home with a Kawai instrument on eBay! 

Tinkling the ivories is a pastime many of us enjoy. In fact, it's estimated that 25 per cent of the population can hammer out a tune on the piano. Whether you're a seasoned concert pianist or an aspiring musician who can't yet tell B Sharp from A Minor, you need a good set of keys to practice on. Ever wanted to bring the magic of a piano into your home but felt intimidated by the hefty price tag? Shopping on eBay is the answer. You'll find hundreds of beautiful Kawai pianos and keyboards listed for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. 

Kawai's range of instruments includes grand pianos, upright pianos, hybrid pianos and digital pianos, so there's something for every kind of musician. Thought you were too old to learn to play the piano? Think again - learning to piano takes dedication but you're never too old to start. A portable electronic Kawai piano is a great place to start, as these are less expensive and are easier to pack away. It's not just beginners who will love Kawai keyboards - they are exceptional tools for musicians too, with dozens of different instrument sounds and a USB port to easily save tunes. Seasoned pianists will love Kawai's Grand and Baby Grand pianos, crafted with exquisite materials to provide exceptional quality sound. 

When it comes to delivery options, there are plenty to choose from on eBay. Look for pianos within a certain radius, for example, 20 kilometres, to target local sellers with a realistic driving distance, or look further afield if you're dedicated to getting that special item. Some sellers offer one, two, three or four-day delivery services to make sure the product is on its way to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you don't mind a longer wait, select standard delivery. 

Own a piece of musical heritage today with a Kawai piano on eBay.