The Luxury of Personal Watercrafts

Personal watercrafts or jet skis have evolved the way people from around the world see recreational water activities. Kawasaki PWCs are popular among the beach-going crowd during the summer. Thanks to its affordability, it is now something that most people can experience. Contemporary personal watercrafts are made to seat up to 3 to 4 people and give operators the luxury of enjoying the water without the expensive costs of a boat or yacht.

Brief History of Personal Watercrafts

The personal watercraft was invented by Clayton Jacobsen II in the early 1960s. The company Bombardier was the first to mass-produce the watercrafts, but started with slow sales and was eventually scrapped. Clayton then sought to revive his invention and took his blueprints to Kawasaki. This led to the creation of the renowned jet ski, with its first model revealed in 1973. The first model was powered by a 400cc engine, controlled by handlebars. Today, the personal watercraft has various shapes, layouts and styles while equipped to go beyond 96 kph on water. One example is the stand up jet ski.

Popular Kawasaki Personal Watercrafts Models

As pioneers of the personal watercraft, the Kawasaki Jet Ski has been consistently developing PWCs for over 4 decades but its notable creations are the 2017 Ultra LX and 2017 SX-R 1500. The 2017 Ultra LX was topping sales because of its features that prioritise luxury, performance and effectivity. It hits all the requirements when it comes to offering execution and value. It provides exquisite speed for its riders with outstanding comfort and storage capacity.

Kawasaki Personal Watercraft Parts

Aside from choosing the ideal personal watercraft for your recreational use, it is important to know which parts you should maintain in order to keep your jet ski, seadoo or other personal watercraft in working condition. Kawasaki offers a wide range of spare parts that you can store in the event that you’ll need repairs such as the Kawasaki shaft jet pump, crankcase, electrical box, throttle body and more.