Kayak Seats

Kayak seats for dream paddling

There's nothing quite like spending the day off in your kayak, doing a little bit of fishing and sharing some stories with your best mate. Unfortunately, kayaks are not designed to be the most comfortable places in which to sit for hours, and there's no reason why you shouldn't paddle in comfort.

The difference

Kayak seats, also known as anglers' armchairs, are an upgrade that you can add to your kayak to make it more comfortable. They are made from thick foam designed to support your weight in all the right places and usually come with a seat cushion and a deluxe padded backrest, although base cushions are also available on their own. Kayak seats are easy to install and can be removed and taken home when the day is done and it's time to take off your life jacket.

What to look for in a kayak seat

You want to spend your day fishing, and not constantly adjusting your kayak seat, so make sure you choose one that fits securely in place and won't move around with the activities of the day. Look for an adjustable kayak seat that straps firmly into position, with solid connectors to the kayak hull, so that once you have found the right position, you can be sure that it will stay there. The best kayak seats come with marine grade brass connectors and hooks that will resist any corrosion from either fresh or salt water.

Ergonomic design

There is more to the very best kayak seats than just thick padding. Look for a kayak seat that has been professionally designed to match your body shape, to give you good lumbar support. You should also look for seats that are molded with the thickest possible base for maximum comfort. The best seats use EVA for their base cushion, as this is both durable and comfortable while remaining lightweight and easy to carry.