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Kayak Storage Rack

One of the most important things to consider when buying a kayak or a standup paddleboard is where you are going to store it. If you leave it lying on its hull with boating and water sports equipment, such as paddles and life jackets, stacked on top, it will cause the hull to gradually distort. Your best option is to purchase a garage shelving system of racks or ceiling hoists to essentially cradle your kayak, keeping it well off the floor and freeing up space for other belongings.

Which Kayak Storage Rack is Right For Me?

Kayak storage racks come in various options, including those made from carbon steel and non-slip rubber padding that you can attach to your garage wall to cradle the kayak. You can also find foldable kayak racks make from high-quality steel that you can attach to a wall or back garden fence to hold the kayak with additional straps if you want to make sure it's really secure. Some prefer a sling-style method of storing their kayak, which takes up minimal space and combines a high-quality alloy base with reinforced nylon straps.

What About Ceiling Hoists To Store My Kayak?

If you have a limited amount of wall space in your garage or home, you could consider a ceiling hoist to store your kayak. It features a pulley system where you pull a rope to lift the kayak into the air, then loosen the rope if you want to lower it to the ground. Slings hold each end of your kayak in place with powder-coated steel pulleys ensuring your watercraft is secure.

How Can I Transport My Kayak?

If you're looking to transport your kayak to and from the water but don't have roof racks installed on your vehicle, you could consider purchasing soft kayak carrier racks. The thick foam pads of kayak roof racks will protect your car against any wear and tear while supporting your watercraft securely. Soft roof racks can usually fit any two- or four-door car and contain straps that are easy to fit and remove.