Kayaks for enjoying the great outdoors

Kayaks are the simplest style of boat, which you can use to ride the surf, or to explore rivers and lakes. Fishing kayaks are designed to help you nail that great catch. Kayaks usually consist of a hollow plastic shell that the kayaker sits on top of and similar to canoes, are operated using a paddle.

Kayak options

Kayaks come in one or two person styles, with a range of attachments and accessories depending on what you want to use it for. For example, if you want a kayak for fishing, you should look for a model with rod holders, tackle boxes and inbuilt storage, while if you want to take on the big breakers at the beach, you'll want a kayak that you can strap into to keep you firmly in your seat.

Types of kayak

Kayaks can be described as sit-on or sit-in. With the sit-on type, you are balanced on the floating hollow hull, while the sit-in type has much more of a traditional boat shape with space for you to be seated inside the hull. Sit on kayaks are usually propelled by paddling, while sit in kayaks can sometimes be pedal operated. Some sit-in kayaks will even have a foot operated rudder to help you steer.

Choosing a kayak

The two main considerations when choosing a kayak are the weight it can carry on the water and how heavy it is to carry to your car. Junior kayaks won't always hold the weight of an adult without sinking, so you need to check the capacity of your kayak before making your decision. Similarly, you need to choose a kayak that you can comfortably carry and lift on to your roof rack, so check the weight of the boat too.

Kayak accessories

You'll find a huge range of boating and water sports equipment on eBay to make life a bit easier, such as dry bags, kayak seats, and waterproof pouches for your phone.