Drink your takeaway coffee in style with KeepCup on eBay. 

If you can't start your day without a coffee, do it more fashionably and with a cleaner conscience thanks to KeepCup. Innovative, stylish and reusable travel coffee mugs, KeepCups are the perfect way to drink coffee on the go. 

The KeepCup brand was started in 2009 by a brother and sister team who were concerned with how many takeaway coffee cups their cafe alone was going through. To do their bit for the environment, they developed KeepCups from scratch, which quickly became - and remains - Australia's leading reusable coffee cup brand. Designed to last a long, long time, KeepCups are a one-off purchase you'll use again and again. And the good news is, you can find a great selection of KeepCup travel mugs, at great prices right here on eBay. 

Whether you're a latte drinker, a cappuccino addict or an espresso fiend, eBay's selection of KeepCups has something for everyone. Available in various sizes, you can take your KeepCup to any cafe and order your usual without contributing to landfill. Plus, some extra environmentally-conscious cafes even offer discounts if you bring your own cup. 

And, because you want your coffee cup to look as good as your coffee tastes, eBay's KeepCups are available in a range of different colours. Play it safe with sleek neutrals or brighten your day with fun colours. KeepCups also come in different materials like these classic plastic KeepCup mugs, and these trendy glass KeepCups, or even trendier glass with cork bands. For something more fun, check out eBay's selection of branded KeepCups with designs and logos from brands like StarWars, McCafe and Sea Shepherd. 

However you take your coffee and whatever your style, you'll find your perfect KeepCup on eBay.