Things You Should Know About Kellytoy Stuffed Animals

Children and adults of all ages enjoy cute stuffed animals. For years, the Kellytoy company has created all types of stuffed animals, including their main reasonably priced Kellytoy squishmallow series. When you are looking to purchase you next stuffed animal, you can find a large selection of Kellytoys available for your consideration on eBay.

What types of Kellytoy stuffed animals are available?

You can find any type of affordable Kellytoy stuffed animals on eBay. You can find foxes, jellyfish, giraffes, bats, cows, turtles, ducks, cats, and more. These stuffed animals come in a variety of colours.

What makes Kellytoy squishmallows unique?

Kellytoy has created a unique design for its squishmallow series that stands out from other standard stuffed animals. With each animal created for the Squishmallow series, you can determine the animal's intended characteristics, but it is designed into a rounded shape that looks like a marshmallow. The entire stuffed animal is extremely soft and squishy. The only protruding parts you will spot on a Kellytoy squishmallow are the extra parts of a head. For example, a unicorn stuffed animal may have a horn that pops out. A deer may have antlers it displays. Kellytoys typically do not come with arms or feet. However, the Kellytoy octopus is the exception which has a group of stuffed tentacles located on the bottom that protrudes outward.

Collecting Kellytoy holiday stuffed animals

Each year Kellytoy releases a new holiday collection of stuffed animals. Often, these toys are released in groups known as "squads." As you shop on eBay, you may find the whole collection packaged together in a single purchase. For example, the new Kellytoy squishmallow mini plush 4.5-inch Halloween squad set includes twelve different characters including a mummy, witch, and skeleton. The eight-pack Christmas set includes a variety of designs including Santa Claus and a snowman. If you are only interested in specific ones, then you may find cheaper bargains by purchasing those separately.

Are used jumbo Squishmallows less expensive than new ones?

Often, you can find used Squishmallows on eBay at a cheaper price than buying a new one. If you want to determine if a squishmallow is in used condition, you can look to see if the tags are intact. Tags that have been removed indicate you are looking at a used stuffed animal. If you are not going to purchase one as a collectible, this may be the more affordable purchase option.