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Kenwood Car Audio In-Dash Units

Kenwood Car Audio In-Dash Units

Car speakers and speaker systems and audio units of good quality can be the difference between a boring road trip and one that gets everyone in the car hyped up. Kenwood is a well-known name in the car electronics arena, and have a big range of different types of in-dash audio units for you to choose from to have your own carpool karaoke sessions.

In-Dash Units with Radio

Kenwood radio car in-dash units are perfect for those who enjoy cruising to the voices of their local DJs as well as their favourite hits. Most in-dash units from Kenwood already come with high quality radio as a feature, so you should focus on others when choosing an in-dash car stereo unit for your car.

Type of Media

You can choose between units depending on which options you use often. iPod users can look for units with iPod compatibility, while Android users may opt for Bluetooth compatibility so they can use apps like Spotify. If you are still into old-school CDs, there are units available with incorporated CD players as well. USB support is also a feature to look out for if you prefer that over the wirelessness (and energy drainage) of Bluetooth.

Other Features

Kenwood audio units also come with some other handy options; for example, you can choose if you would want a touchscreen or non-touchscreen device, though the former is likely to remain more relevant for the future. Some units also come with remote controls, detachable faces, and auxiliary input, so if those make your device more convenient for your usage patterns, look out for them.

2-DIN or 1-DIN?

Choosing the right type of unit for your car is very important, because the unit is not going to fit if its the wrong measurement. 2-DIN in-dash units are double the size of a 1-DIN, so its hard to go wrong, but it is always a good idea to measure the stereo unit in your car if in doubt.