Convenient Kenwood kitchen appliances

Kenwood is a very well known and highly respected worldwide kitchen appliances manufacturer, which produces and sells everything from stand mixers, blenders, food processors, kettles, and toasters. No matter your requirements and style of interior design, you'll find practical and stylish Kenwood appliances to suit your interior décor.

Kenwood food processors

One of the most famous and iconic Kenwood creations is the trusty and timeless Kenwood Chef. Although the appliance itself has gone through a large number of reinventions and upgrades over the past 50 years or so, it's remained one of the best-selling Kenwood products of all time.

Handy for families, its 6.7-liter capacity is ideal for batch cooking or baking, and with its 1500 watt power and electronic speed control you can whip up gorgeously light sponges and pastry in no time. Available with a variety of extra attachments such as a whisk, spatula and creaming beater, this Kenwood food processor is not only heavy duty it's very versatile too.

Why not also consider a Kenwood food processor from the Multi Pro range. Powerful, fast, and dishwasher safe, these nifty little pieces of kit are perfect for chopping, blending and liquidising, so will not only help prepare your dinner it can also run up a delicious smoothie too. Plus with its stylish metallic finish and large shatterproof bowl, Multi Pro machines are not only easy on the eye they're practical too.

Kenwood mincers

Turn your mixer into a dicer, blender, and grinder with a Kenwood food mincer attachment. Ideal for making fresh homemade sausages, pies and burgers, this handy attachment comes with three different sized screens so you can choose whether you want your meat to be finely or coarsely ground, or somewhere in the middle. Perfect for healthy, delicious family meals, where you know exactly what's gone into them.