Kenworth Diecast Truck

Kenworth diecast vehicles are popularly collected amongst trucking enthusiasts and children alike and are a great way to collect a small piece of automotive history. These models, which range in styles, retain many of the same features that their full-size twins do, including featuring authentic colours and realistic graphics. They are made by various manufacturers, including Corgi, Greenlight and Matchbox, so as you shop for them, keep the purpose of your collection and the condition of the diecast trucks in mind.

Should I Open My Kenworth Diecast Truck?

Kenworth diecast model trucks in their original packaging often fetch a higher sum than those that have been removed from their box do, but whether you choose to open the box or not is merely a matter of personal preference. If youre collecting as a long-term investment, you should opt to leave the trucks in their retail packaging. On the other hand, if you are simply collecting for the love of the trucking industry, removing your truck from its packaging may not be of grave concern. Removal also grants collectors the chance to get up close and personal with their collections. If you are unsure which path to take, consider buying duplicates. This allows you the opportunity to keep one truck in its original packaging and remove the other from its box to enjoy.

How Do I Clean My Kenworth Diecast Trucks?

Kenworth trucks, including on-highway, vocational and export models, are renowned for their nostalgic value. As much as is needed, you can hand wash the trucks in a mixture of mild soap and warm water to restore their surface area. Additionally, avoid using soaps that contain bleach or ammonia, as these chemicals may strip away paint. After allowing the Kenworth diecast trucks to soak, rinse them under cool running water, and then air dry them on a soft cloth.

How Do I Store My Kenworth Diecast Trucks?

Kenworth diecast trucks should be stored at room temperature in a relatively dry environment. You can display your diecast cars in a glass display cabinet, as doing so helps to protect them from damage and dust build-up, because over time, exposed Kenworth diecast trucks will tarnish. While most collectors opt to store their collections in the open for viewing, you can avoid air exposure by using anti-tarnish bags. Many serious collectors even use car maintenance or detailing kits (which include wax) to maintain the aesthetic beauty of their Kenworth diecast trucks.