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Keratin Complex Shampoos and Conditioners

Part of taking good care of yourself is ensuring healthy hair. One way to do this is by picking hair care products that not only clean your mane, but provide other benefits as well, creating soft, thick, healthy hair that gleams with shine and stays smooth and frizz-free. Keratin complex shampoos and conditioners help you achieve these results.

What Is Keratin?

Already found in your hair, keratin is a protein that protects your hair from frizz and keeps curly and wavy locks manageable. When your hair becomes damaged for a variety of reasons, ranging from excessive use of heating tools to sun exposure, keratin becomes lost, creating weak, damaged hair that has split ends and noticeable deterioration of health. By adding keratin back into your hair, it's simple to repair the damage and create a healthier head of hair.


A regimen of using Keratin Complex shampoo puts you back on the road to health. There isn't just one type of shampoo; hair care isn't one size fits all. The brand offers a spectrum of shampoos depending upon your own specific hair needs and issues. Regular Keratin Care shampoo works for all hair types and uses keratin to cleanse and smooth your hair naturally and gently. It's also hydrating. Other types of Keratin Complex shampoo include the Color Care line, which protects dyed hair, as well as the Blondeshell Debrass & Brighten shampoo, which eliminates brassy tones from blonde shades. Dry shampoo keeps hair clean in between washes.


Keratin Complex conditioners are the natural partners of Keratin Complex shampoos. Once you finish shampooing, follow up with the complementary conditioner. While shampoos cleanse your hair and moisturise it, conditioners create smoothness and ensure shiny hair while creating soft, touchable locks. Created with keratin as well as soy proteins, the conditioners reduce tangles and eliminate frizz even in high humidity. As with the shampoos, there are several types of Keratin Complex conditioners to accompany Color Care as well as Debrass & Brighten shampoos.

Sets and Extras

Keratin Complex sets offer an affordable and convenient way to have beautiful hair. Sets come with matching shampoo and conditioner, and you can purchase sets by size, including regular 400ml options, or oversized 1 litre bottles, to last longer. Keratin Complex also offers a selection of hair styling products, including deep treatments and masques to add life and vitality to your hair. Use treatments and conditioners regularly to soothe and hydrate hair and eliminate signs of damage.