Enjoy the comfort and privacy of working out in your own home with a range of different weighted kettlebells. You select the time that suits you with no need to fork out for expensive gym equipment, a gym membership or a personal trainer. Fitness kettlebells are loved by athletes for their combination of both cardio and strength training, as well as being a convenient means of training in a busy lifestyle.

How Do Kettlebells Differ From Dumbbells?

If you pick up a kettlebell and a dumbbell you will feel the difference. Kettlebells have an off-centred weight that works the targeted muscles through a wider range of motion. Dumbbells and barbells offer a more isolated workout and don't impact stabilising muscles to the same extent.

Cardio and Strength Training Combined

Bodybuilding kettlebells don't just focus on muscles, but strength as a function of mobility and movement for a whole-body workout. If you're struggling to squeeze cardio and strength training into your busy daily schedule, kettlebells are a great option and only require a short, intense workout.

Easy on the Body

Kettlebell routines could be compared to the vinyasa flow of a yoga class with each exercise flowing into the next one. If you do these correctly, the smooth transitions and fluid swinging movements will feel quite natural and be easy on your body and joints. Another great aspect of kettlebell training is that the movements are simple to learn, so even if you're out-of-shape, you'll be able to start working out straight away.

Weight Considerations

While kettlebells are often sold in sets, from around 4 kg kettlebells up to 32 kg kettlebells, how do you know which one to start with? Trainers often recommend that men start with at least a 12 kg kettlebell to see results and women with around 8 kg, with the option to build from there. If you're not sure, just hold one by the handle straight out in front of you with both arms parallel to the floor. If that feels easy, then it's probably too light, as a kettlebell should be too heavy to lift in front of you with ease.