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Keune Shampoos and Conditioners

When you care about the health of your hair, use Keune shampoo and conditioner in your daily routine. The brand offers products for dry, oily, damaged, colour treated, and normal hair. Get the hair you love and keep it clean, fresh, and silky smooth all day long. Since its early days in 1922 when Dutch chemist Jan Keune first developed a formula for a liquid perm, the company has and continues to produce high quality products that women and men alike want to use. After you wash, rinse and repeat, use conditioner to show your hair and scalp a little love.

Repair Damaged Hair

Keune damaged hair shampoos and conditioners restore shine and strength. After a few uses, you'll notice that your hair feels softer and less damaged thanks to the organic argan oils and panthenol infusions in the formula.

Add Moisture to Dry Hair

Goodbye frizzy, flyaway hair. Just like your body, your hair may become dehydrated. Keune dry hair shampoos and conditioners nourish hair from the inside out. Yangu, monoi, sweet almond, and maracuja oil blend to rehydrate your hair.

Protect Colour Treated Hair>

You spend a lot of time and money getting your hair coloured so why not get the most of it? Shampoos and conditioners for colour treated hair extends the life of your treatment through a triple colour protection system of solamer, silk protein & LP300 colour stabiliser. Use daily to maintain the vibrancy of the shade.

Revive All Hair Types

Normal hair as a type is neither too oily nor too dry. Keune has a full line of products for all hair types, from the median to each extreme. Use a shampoo and conditioner that not only nourishes but also protects to create and maintain robust and healthy hair.