Unlock better home security with the help of key blanks

Getting locked out of your place can be incredibly frustrating. Maybe you misplaced your keys while out and about. Or perhaps you just accidentally walked out without grabbing them, and the deadbolt on your door means you can't get back in. Whatever the case may be, forking out money for a locksmith can be annoying.

Of course, maybe you never forget your keys, and you just need some new ones cut. Perhaps you've gained a new flatmate, or you're taking things to the next level with that special someone. Maybe the kids are finally old enough to be going out and about on their own and need a way to get into the house safely and securely.

Whatever the reason may be, eBay has hundreds of key blanks from which to choose, giving you a chance to help keep your family and possessions safer.

Some ideas for storing extra keys

Storing your extra keys under the mat outside your front door or jamming them under a flowerpot nearby isn't an option if you want to get serious about your home security. There are several better options that can make sure you have a backup plan in case you forget or lose your keys.

One is to use a key blank to get an extra key made and give it to somebody you trust who lives nearby, such as a friend, relative or neighbour. This way your key is always relatively close by without being on your property. 

If you want to keep your key closer at hand, you can still keep it hidden at your place. But do so by using a key safe. These provide extra protection by requiring a code and can also help protect your backup key from the elements with their sturdy design. For best results, hide the box itself, too. 

If you're really worried about key issues, you might even want to consider security keypads, which can take some of the human error out of home security. 

What kinds of key blanks can I buy online?

eBay is home to a huge selection of key blanks, from standard silver coloured options to brighter ones that can help you and your family or flatmates stay organised when things get a bit cluttered on the table near the front door. There are even fun designs for the kids.

Buy new key blanks online from eBay today and help keep your life more secure.