Shop Online For Replacement Key Fobs At Budget Prices

When used with a keyless entry system, like with cars, garages computer systems, restricted areas, and other electronic devices, the key fob offers easy access and authentication. 

If youโ€™re prone to losing physical keys or you donโ€™t want to risk a replication, a key fob is the ideal security solution, allowing you to monitor, manage, and restrict entry to your home or building. eBay has a range of products available, and they can be tailored to suit all types of locking systems.

Types of Key fobs

  • Flip Keys: the key and the remote are together and to open, simply push the button once. The key folds inside the font when you're not using it.
  • Smart Remote: This is made with technologies sensitive enough to unlock your car when you're close to it. You need not use it before it unlocks the car. You must therefore always put it in your pocket.
  • Remote Head keys: The remote and the key and fixed together. The metallic part is not covered, so you can see it.
  • Fobiks: You don't need a metal key to use your vehicle. It has an in-built infrared technology capable of starting your vehicle.

Hidden features of a key fob

Did you know that a key fob has secret powers? Although the features vary by manufacturer, you'll find that many key fobs can do the following:

Press the unlock button on the key fob once then press it again within 10 seconds and hold it down - watch as your windows all open.

If you have side mirrors that move, try holding the key fob lock button for 10 seconds and see if your mirrors fold in.

Some key fobs can even detect who is driving the car, remembering features such as where the seat is positioned, and the driver's favourite radio stations.

Shop for key fobs based on various features, brand, condition, and price. Here on eBay, you are always getting a great deal, but you can save even more money. Check for the green dollar sign and click on the link to redeem the offer. This info is located above the terms and conditions on the product page. 

You can also find key safes and other home security options. Keep in mind, many retailers now accept Afterpay as a form of payment as well, allowing you to make a purchase now and pay later.