Save Yourself From Being Locked Out With A Key Safe

Key safes are a great way to store your key, so you never get locked outside. Whether you own a holiday property that you rent out, or you tend to lock yourself outside too often, a key safe keeps your keys secure and protected, but also accessible. eBay has a huge range of styles and sizes to choose from.

Choosing a key safe

Before you choose a safe, box or hideaway, ask yourself the following questions as it will help you to ascertain the finer details of your purchase:

  • How many keys do I need to keep in the box?
  • What size are the keys?
  • Who needs to have access to the key cabinet?
  • Are keypad/combination locks required?
  • Where will the key safe be located?
  • How will I fasten it to the wall/door etc?
  • What is my budget?

Considerations when choosing key safes, boxes, and hideaways

  • Consider whether they're strong enough against any possible attack. Essentially, they should have a hard casing that’s not easy to break.
  • If you intend to store many keys, choose bigger key safes.
  • If key safes, boxes, and hideaways have digital keypads, they should allow for extensive security code to ensure they are well secure.
  • You might invest in a cover as well to protect them against any harsh weather conditions.
  • They should be easy to mount on the wall or doors. They should also be resistant to fire.
  • They might also be able to be attached to something less conspicuous, such as a metal bench or bamboo stool in the garden.

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