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Keyboard and Piano Pedals

Since a keyboard or piano is solely keys, you can use keyboard and piano pedals to help you do everything from create longer notes to increase the volume of your playing. Since you control pedals with your feet, you can keep your hands on the keys while you play and stay focused on your music. Attach pedals to your instrument with cables and enjoy the benefits that pedals can bring to your performance.

Sustain Pedals

Along with helpful keyboard parts and accessories, including keyboard stands to keep your instrument at the right height and keyboard and instrument stools and benches you can sit on while you play, pedals enhance your playing experience as well as the audience's listening experience. Sustain pedals allow you to keep playing the same note for an extended period of time, elongating the sound.


You can programme a footswitch pedal to operate just about any function on your keyboard. These multi-functional pedals are versatile depending on the brand and type of your instrument, and you can use the switch to increase volume, control parameters or function as a sustain pedal. Footswitches come in several designs, including single-pedal or multiple-pedal options, making it simple to programme your pedal to do exactly what you want it to do.

MIDI Pedalboard

Full of uses, a MIDI pedalboard gives you the feeling of playing more than one instrument at the same time. Compatible with MIDI-input keyboards, once you plug in this pedal you can customise it to allow you to play the bass and the melody simultaneously, creating a full, rich sound that adds dimension to your music. Expand the limits of your instrument with pedals that allow you to tailor your presets and have a memory function to store sounds.

Volume Pedals

As the name implies, volume pedals let you increase or decrease your keyboard or piano's volume as you play. This can provide dramatic effect as the sound increases over a particular piece of music, and it comes in handy if you're practising or recording and need to alter your sound. Plug pedals into your keyboard using the compatible port and control your instrument's volume with just the tap of your foot. Some volume pedals pull double duty and also act as expression controllers that let you tinker with your parameters or modulation. Choose pedals with a rubberised top so your foot doesn't slide off when you use them.

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