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Keyboard Stands

Keyboard Stands

When youre playing onstage, there are certain pieces of equipment you cant compromise on. One of those is keyboard stands. Keyboard stands not only make it easy for you to access your instrument, but they keep your keyboard safe and secure while you play. With several styles and types available, keyboard stands are a necessary investment when it comes to playing or recording live music.


Most stands feature a typical shape; they fold out into an X, giving you room to set your keyboard across the top, creating a sturdy platform for your instrument. However, there are other options, including a keyboard column stand that has railings your instrument fits into or a double-tiered stand that holds more than one instrument at a time. Stands come in different sizes to fit your specific needs, and there are even bench-style stands that have a shelf across the top for setting your keyboard down on instead of the open design of the traditional X stand.


Packed with features, keyboard parts and accessories give you plenty of ways to customise your stand and make it your own. Most stands are adjustable, meaning you can create the perfect height setting for your stand so you can easily access your keys. Stands fold up for portability, which makes them perfect for travelling and touring. Flat-top stands are multi-functional, and in a pinch you could also use them for a turntable or mixing board. Double bar stands are sturdy and heavy-duty, ensuring your keyboard stays in place for the long haul. Locking stands wont fold up on you in the middle of a song, and stands hold specific amounts of weight, so double check the weight limit of the stand before you buy.


Though there are many stand brands out there, professionals tend to use the same brands time and again based on quality, performance, and durability. One of these brands is Apex, which provides professional musicians with the most heavy-duty, sturdy stands. Other high-quality brands to look for include Casio, Hamilton and Hercules, who makes a variety of stand styles, including double-tiered stands. Korg creates bench stands, and if youre looking for a wooden stand instead of a steel model, check out what Nord has to offer for a classic stand.


Playing the keyboard isnt just about finding the perfect stand. Take a load off when you choose keyboard and instrument stools and benches to provide a comfortable spot to sit in between songs or while you play certain numbers. Accessories like keyboard and piano pedals customise your playing experience and add more to your music. Add a keyboard bag or case to your arsenal of supplies to ensure your instrument stays protected as you head from show to show, and add a mountable music stand to your keyboard stand to check your notes as you play.