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Kidkraft Houses

The Kidkraft company has been providing toys and children's furniture for over 50 years. Since its beginning, Kidkraft has become a leading global business, winning multiple awards for its dollhouses and play kitchens for children. It now sells its products in over 90 countries around the world in roughly 28,000 retail stores.

Kidkraft Dollhouses

Kidkraft produces an extensive range of both cottage dollhouses and mansion dollhouses so you are guaranteed to find the perfect one for your child. Every Kidkraft dollhouse is professionally crafted for durability with multiple platforms and play areas incorporated for the standard-size doll. Children are able to easily access the levels within the dollhouse to let their imaginations and creativity run free. Kidkraft also manufactures Disney-themed dollhouses, such as Frozen and Beauty and the Beast. Its Sparkle Mansion dollhouse is suitable for ages three and up and has six rooms, two outdoors spaces, a pool, a working lift and garage doors, a moulded staircase and 30 pieces of chic doll furniture. Standing at 1.2 metres tall, the Kidkraft Sparkle Mansion dollhouse has four levels of creative space for your child to enjoy. If you are looking for something on a smaller scale, the new Kidkraft's Enchanted Forest dollhouse can sit on a play table and provide your child hours of fun with two levels, seven rooms and 16 hand-painted furniture pieces.

Dollhouse Accessories

Along with its dollhouses, Kidkraft produces a wide range of crafted furniture and dolls. You can purchase furniture packs or individual pieces, such as wardrobes, beds, cribs, chairs and tables. Its doll sets come in three collections—a Caucasian family, an African-American family and a set of professionals. The professional doll set includes a firefighter, nurse, builder, doctor, police officer, chef and businessman. Each doll set includes seven dolls and there is no assembly required. All 12cm tall dolls are made from wooden components to ensure that they are both durable and bendable.