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Every Afternoon is a Crafternoon

Time to get crafty? Getting into arts and crafts is awesome for kids of all ages, allowing them to get creative as they learn and develop. Some kids seldom want to come inside, preferring to run around outside, playing sports and generally getting very dirty indeed. Other kids can rarely be pried away from the TV or tablet screen, worrying their parents that whole ‘square eyes’ myth might actually become a reality. But for some kids, arts and crafts is where it’s at. These kids just love crafting, choosing to turn every afternoon into a crafternoon.

Arts and crafts is perfect for all kids, no matter their age. Whether it’s littlies messing around with finger paints or Play Doh, or older kids learning to stay within the lines as they colour in their favourite colouring book. It’s all about having fun – but they also happen to be learning and developing at the same time. As they craft, kids can learn about colours, shapes and textures. They can develop their creativity as they build something they can be proud of – that Mum and Dad can put on the fridge. Even something as ordinary as playing with stickers can help them develop their digital dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Kids see fun, parents see learning. It’s win-win.

Stocking Up on Arts and Crafts Supplies

No matter what kind of arts and crafts they are into, keeping the arts and crafts cupboard well stocked is essential. Luckily, eBay has kids’ arts and crafts covered. With everything from kids’ crayons and kids’ pens and markers, to kids’ craft kits and kids’ sand art, eBay is the place to find and buy all kids’ arts and crafts essentials. Time to get messy? Keep ‘em clean with kids’ craft smocks and shirts – but don’t forget to put paper down, or it might be a new carpet on that shopping list as well.