Kids Craft Smocks and Shirts

Creating arts and crafts can get messy at the best of times. Art and craft activities can be even messier when you add a very young learner or toddler to the mix. Young children are still developing their fine motor skills. Paint, glue and all kinds of other substances may ruin clothing forever. Use a kids' craft smock while they're exploring art and craft projects. A smock will provide a much needed barrier. Those sticky colourful substances will stay away from their clothes.

Where to Wear Kids Craft Smocks

Kids' smocks for home projects can be a lifesaver, whether for art, crafts or cooking. To encourage your child to wear their smock or apron get an adult sized version for yourself too! You will also protect your own clothing while they are in action. Toddlers will also wear craft smocks for messy activities at daycare facilities and play centres. Young children usually wear art and craft smocks at school and extracurricular art classes.

Practicalities of Kids Craft Smocks

Budding artists who love to paint need a waterproof art smock with long sleeves. The water-resistant fabric stops wet paint seeping through to clothing. Long sleeves give that full coverage and extra protection to shirts and skin. Many are machine washable, or easy to wipe clean. Crafty kids who get a kick out of gluing, constructing, and putting this with that, will enjoy a kids' waterproof drawing, painting or cooking smock with pockets. The pockets are a great place to collect and store the tools of their trade.

Fun Stuff with Kids Craft Smocks

Themed or branded printing designs on smocks and aprons can help show off the personality of that little person within. Indulge in your child's current fascination. Printed smocks have princesses, fairies, animals, dinosaurs, cars and motorbikes. Timeless classics give kids a chance to play act their favourite characters. Play dress-up with a smock with an image such as My Little Pony, Spiderman, Tinkerbell, Star Wars, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Kids' art smocks can be further personalized with an embroidered or overprint of your kid’s name. Putting a name on a smock will help with locating and identify smocks if there are a few kids playing together. It will also help with kids learning to spell their own name.