Unleash Their Creativity with Kids Crayons

Drawing and colouring are more than just good ways to keep the kids entertained. They are also an easy way to encourage their creativity and a fun way for them to express themselves. And, thanks to the wide range of kids crayons available, the only limit is their imagination.

Bring a little colour into their world

While there are a wide range of kids pens and markers and paint sets available, kids crayons are just different. Between the unmistakable smell, the unique texture, and the vivid colours, crayons are a complete sensory experience. They are also much easier for small hands to use, particularly as their fine motor skills develop.

A box of kids crayons can also provide plenty of bonding and learning opportunities. Working with your child on their latest artwork gives you a chance to connect and see the world through their eyes. It is also a fun way to teach them about everything from colours and shapes to spelling and writing.

Kids crayons: A great gift for kids of all ages

Depending on the child, they may be able to start using crayons from as young as 12 months. However, at this age, it is best to find options that are suitable for smaller hands, like jumbo crayons. These are easy to grip in a fist and work well with the whole arm “drawing” style of most toddlers.

As the child grows and their fine motor skills develop, they can graduate to smaller, more traditional kids crayons. These can be gripped between their fingers, allowing them to do more detailed drawing and colouring. At this point, you may also want to introduce colouring and writing books, to focus on their artistic endeavours.

Once they reach their pre-teen years, more professional products, like artists pastels, may be appropriate. At this age, colour choices often become more important, and designs often become more detailed. Really avid artists may also be interested in graduating to proper art paper.