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Kids’ Outdoor Slides

It is fundamentally important for kids to be able to get outside, engage in activity, have some fun and get some fresh air. No matter anyone’s age, everyone enjoys a good slide, especially children. There are slides specifically designed for different age groups, organised by price and also slides made of different materials and colours. Look for a wide selection of kids’ outdoor slides to help hone their outdoor activity time.

Age Options

You’ll often find that outdoor toys are organised into different age groups, as children of different age levels have different skill levels. There are also different safety concerns for younger children vs. older children. If your child is a toddler or 3 or under, there are small slide options that are fun and safe for them to use. Older children may enjoy a slide that has a metal ladder (as opposed to plastic), or slides that spray water. Always look at the recommended age to make sure you’re getting an age-appropriate slide.

Colour and Material Options

There are many different colour options when it comes to slides. So that they’re bright and easy to see, many kids’ slides are bright colours, such as orange, yellow or green. For safety’s sake, slides for younger children often have a hard plastic construction, while slides for older children may use metal or aluminium. Most slides do not come pre-assembled so it’s wise to choose a slide that is simple to put together, or that has clear instructions.


Safety is one of the most important aspects of outdoor toys. Look for materials that are listed as PBA-free and read safety warnings and reviews before buying a piece of outdoor equipment for your child. It’s also a good idea to follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions completely. Place the slide on level ground so that it doesn’t tip. Most slides rest on top of the ground and aren’t cemented in so you want to make sure that the whole construction is safe.

Popular Brands and Types

There are many different types and brands of slides. Older children may prefer swings along with the slide, such as a complete swing set. For younger children, it may be best to start out with a standalone slide before adding other pieces of playground equipment. Look for popular slide brands, such as Qwikfold, Hedstrom and Little Tikes.