Kids' Paint Sets

Crafting is one of the most fun ways for kids of all ages to express themselves. Through art kids get to enjoy using their imaginations in the most colourful and engaging way. Paint is an exciting medium for kids to learn how to appreciate art, and nothing's more fun than getting your fingers coated with paint and creating a masterpiece. Kids' paint sets come in many types depending on age and the type of artwork your kids wish to create.

Cross Your Fingers

From the time they go to kindergarten, kids appreciate the finer points of finger painting. Choose between kids' red paint sets or kids' black paint sets and let kids dig in to fun. Available in oversized pots that are perfect for small hands to fit into, finger paints are non-toxic and washable, so they are safe for kids of all ages. Available in a variety of colours, including basic primary colours or fun neon shades, finger paints are the perfect way to introduce kids to the fun of painting.

Poster Child

Just the right consistency for decorating posters and banners, poster paint is thick enough that it won't run once you complete your work of art. Washable and non-toxic, poster paints provide bright, bold colour that won't fade and come in oversized containers meant for large-scale projects. Purchase a set of paints with multiple colours for versatility. Use poster paints with a variety of applicators, including sponges and brushes.

Paint the Town

It's easy for kids to use watercolours. These popular paint sets often come in a package that includes a pre-made palette of multiple colours. All you need is a bit of water to make the paints come to life, and watercolours create a soft, washed-out look that's a bit soft around the edges. These paints are a great tool for kids just learning to paint, and typically work well for children ages 3 and up. Watercolours clean up easily with soap and water, and they don't stain clothes. These paint sets are affordable, fun, and simple for little ones to use.

The Sharpest Crayon

Paint crayon sets are fun to use. They glide onto paper, providing rich, saturated colour, and don't require water or any other supplies to use. Eliminate brushes and sponges when you let kids pick up these portable paint sticks. These flexible paint sets let kids draw and paint on any kind of paper, including canvas or construction paper. Fade-resistant colours let kids create brilliant designs, and the mobile nature of these paint sets make them fun for travel, too.